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Peter Vágner

How to apply different paragraph styles in Libreoffice Writer

2 min read

Today I have spent some 20 minutes looking for a way how can I apply different paragraph styles in Libreoffice Writer by using keyboard exclusively.


Initially I was afraid It can’t be done however finally I have learned how to do it and here are the steps working for me:


  • Select text you want to style differently

  • Press ctrl+F11 to focus formatting toolbar

  • Use up and down arrows to choose your style. If you have found your choice press the enter key. If you haven’t found the suitable style choose the last option more styles...

  • Now the fun begins since this option ends with three dots I was expecting I can activate the selection somehow which should bring up a dialog of some sort. Pressing enter on this even in combination with other keys did nothing usefull. So to browse for more styles I have ditched looking at formatting toolbar, pressed F6 several times to jump to the sidebar. It is possible to use up and down arrow keys to move between parts of the UI here on the sidebar. Properties is the first item and Styles is the second one. So when you hear properties pannel, you should press down arrow key to change to styles. You can then press the tab key and become overwhelmed with loads of styles Libreoffice has to offer. I’m sure you can even write a book using these.