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Peter Vágner

Likes and Reposts handled by the @WithKnown Bookmarks plugin (part 2)

2 min read

Two days ago I have posted an article describing how I started using @WithKnown built-in Bookmarks plugin to handle Likes and Reposts uninstalling Reactions plugin I was using before.
Some people (including andrea and Chris Aldrichreacted on it that prompted me to look at it again and try to clear a few more points.
I did a mistake in my original article and I had to edit it. The bookmarks plugin handles all three classes within a single entity_subtype and I have recommended to create two entity subtypes IdnoPlugins\Like\Like and IdnoPlugins\Like\Repost where i should have only recommended the former.
The Reactions plugin handles the body property of the contents database column differently for Likes and for Reposts so I have added some notes explaining the situation.
And I have completelly missed the look and feel of resulting pages.
As andrea points out, all the Likes and Reposts and Bookmarks now look identical on my site. Unfortunatelly there are only two small differences. The correct classes are used and each type has its own icon. I don't care for the visual appearance that much my-self, however the fact correct indieweb classes are there make me happy I have chosen this route. If someone skilled enough can step up to provide additions to the Bookmark plugin template handling these post types differently, I am happy to see it  on the web and on my site.

There are some more serious issues with this and I hope either I or someone else will be able to suggest and / or add improvements. When posting via micropub e.g. from woodwind all is working well. When posting via bookmarklet or from the Known UI, all the entries are stored as bookmarks. This is the most serious issue.
I have chosen some of my posts so you can see these are valid: Like, Repost, Bookmark.
So I think we are slowly approaching what Chris Aldrich suggests i.e. unifying it all working in the core of Known.